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the house

Retreats in Barcelona

Casa Virupa is located in a farmhouse in the municipality of Tavertet, known as "El Castell de Tavertet", 40 minutes from Vic and an hour and a half from Barcelona. The furniture of the house, generally of wood and old, added to the architecture of the building, make Casa Virupa an extraordinary place in an exceptional environment. The house is located on a small peninsula that moves away from Tavertet with 360º views of all of Catalonia. At your feet, there is the impressive Pantà de Sau.


Meditation room



rent our place


We are open to a group rent the space to spend a few days in tranquility, doing their activities, courses or retreats. It is not necessary that we share the spiritual tradition so that you can use our spaces and services. Simply, our values ​​and yours have to be in tune.

who can rent it?

what do we offer

The open spaces that can be used are all those we have shown in the photos above (meditation rooms, rooms, dining room, living room ...). Although we live here, the house has differentiated areas that make it possible to reconcile the life of the community with the retreats and activities that take place. Some areas we share with the participants of the activities, but there are other areas that are for the exclusive use of the community.


Del viernes 28 al domingo 30


FEBRERO 2019​ 

Del  viernes 1 al domingo 3

As for the kitchen, we believe that a good meal is one that not only nourishes the physical part of the body, but also fills and enriches the most subtle part. We offer relatively simple dishes, with raw materials from the area, and we play with recipes that are close but also somewhat exotic. The menus that are always served are vegetarian. You can not put meat or fish in the house. You can cook yourselves or have kitchen service.



the food

I want to rent

Since we may be involved in an activity, it is indispensable that you inform us beforehand before you come so we can attend to you well.

+34 93 198 01 09


We work hard to offer you the best, so at Casa Virupa everyday can be a good day.

If you want to find out about all that we are organizing, our retreats, philosophy cycles, meditation programs, teachings…


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