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I want to collaborate

Maybe you have had the experience of launching a project yourself, and you know that, in the beginning, a small contribution can be of great help. Or perhaps you simply appreciate Casa Virupa’s project, and would like to collaborate in maintaining the center alive. Your help encourages us to keep making efforts to offer the best of ourselves, and allows us to generate activities that, we hope, will be beneficial to many people.

"Dana" (Sanskrit, दान), means "generosity", and is one of the most appreciated virtues in Buddhism. Because in the act of giving or offering something we are recognizing the situation and needs of the other and, at the same time, we contribute to their well-being. It is a cornerstone in the spiritual path, because it is one of the most effective and simple ways to open up to others.

We are a young project and without external support, so we greatly appreciate the generous contributions that may come because they allow us to consolidate as a project and continue working for the benefit of all beings.​

For example, it is thanks to a solid base of collaborators that we will be able to guarantee scholarships for students and unemployed participants.

Here are the different options you have if you want to help us:

Becoming a member

For 35€ a month (or +35€, if you’d like to be a promoting member:

  • Discount 20 % in all our events and activities.

  • Invitation to events exclusive to members.

  • Be the first to get information about events and activities in Casa Virupa (courses, rituals, workshops, conferences, cultural events, volunteer days...)

  • Participation in our yearly general assembly.


And we ask from you to:

  • Respect the activities’ well-functioning of activities, and the environment surrounding the project / and of the surroundings.

  • Respect the community’s by-laws.

  • Let us know ahead of time if you plan on visiting.


In addition to all of this, we will always are open to hearing proposals about activities you’d like to see in Casa Virupa!

Through donations

If you want to support us through an economic donation, we will be very grateful and we will surely invest the help in improving our project. You can do it anonymously or not, as you prefer.


The account number where to make a donation is:

ES67 3025 0005 8014 3330 0546

Becoming a volunteer

If you have been told about our project, you will most likely have heard that our house is beautiful and our project is brave and promising: we are happy to say that you have been told correctly.


But for the house to shine, it needs many hours of loving and attentive care: the garden, the house interiors, a layer of paint or repairs here and there… The project also needs help in order to offer an optimal service: in our communication aspects, event planning, treasury, etc.


Volunteering is indispensable for Casa Virupa’s well-functioning. In addition, we frame our volunteering work as a way of personal development: so that the volunteers’ contribution will allow them to know themselves, and others, more profoundly.

If you think you can help us, if you’d like to enjoy our great location and dedicate yourself to your personal development, whether periodically or during the volunteering events we organize, get in touch with us!


Since we may be involved in an activity, it is indispensable that you inform us beforehand before you come so we can attend to you well.

+34 93 198 01 09


We work hard to offer you the best, so at Casa Virupa everyday can be a good day.

If you want to find out about all that we are organizing, our retreats, philosophy cycles, meditation programs, teachings…


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